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      1. Our Machines

        Please take a look at our current listing below. If you do not find what you are looking for just let us know your requirement and we can advise you if a suitable machine becomes available in the future.


        Ref No: 8048

        3600mm x 1650mm

        Pre-feeder Castaldini
        Motorized Feeder
        Two bottom printing flexos
        Rotary die cutter
        Folder Gluer with Ero system and Simca automatic stiching
        Bundle strapper Signode
        Palletizer Castaldini with feeder
        Recently overhauled mechanically and electrically with new knives, creasers, rubber print rolls etc
        Visible in operation

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        Please take a look at our current machine listings. However, if you cannot see exactly what you are searching for please let us know your requirement as we may still be able to help.