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      1. Our Machines

        Please take a look at our current listing below. If you do not find what you are looking for just let us know your requirement and we can advise you if a suitable machine becomes available in the future.


        Ref No: 8170

        Year: 2004
        Jer Yen 3 ply single wall corrugator
        Theoretical max speed 120m/m
        3 x double shaftless roll stands JMR80
        3 x splicers JSP60
        1 x preheater JPH10
        1 x single facer, cartridge, with B and E flute rolls JSF
        1 x bridge controll JSB40S
        1 x double preconditioner JDB10
        1 x glue station JGS60S
        1 x double backer with 10 hot plates JDF50/JDB40
        1 x Champion auto slitter scorer age 2013
        1 x Dragon NC Cut off (top) knife age 2013
        1 x take off conveyor with side ejector rollers

        1 x starch mixer (1 bag type)
        1 x boiler (Byworth age 2019)

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